pizza boy surgery

  • Descripcion
    • Are you looking for a different action in a totally odd operating room? Play, sweat, have fun and laugh at this unusual surgery game. The game is revolves around two weird guys that do not have expert experience in surgical operation. You play the pizza boy that would perform the operation and the doctor is your first victim. The doctor will be giving your instructions on how you will perform the operation inside his body. After you are done with the operation in his body, you will proceed with the next level with different patients. Remember that it is important that you execute each procedure correctly because each time you make a mistake the patients heart rate will go down. You can get help from the book on side of the screen. It will give you instructions on how to use the tools that you will use as well as the procedures needed during the operation.
  • Instruccion
    • Utiliza el ratón para jugar a este juego.